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    The Story of the Seventeenth Doll

    Автор книги India Fables

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    Next morning, King Bhoja again wanted to sit on the position of authority. He was going to sit on the honored position when the seventeenth doll prevented him from sitting on the royal position and presented herself before beginning the portrayal of one more story. "Tune in, O King! I am Vidyawati, the seventeenth doll of King Vikramaditya's royal position. I need you to tune in to this story, that demonstrates how liberal, brave and austere was our King Vikramaditya. At that point choose whether you are deserving of sitting on this royal position or not." Vidyawati began portraying the story. Ruler Vikramaditya was a truly capable lord. He generally contemplated his kin and was constantly worried about them. He constantly wanted that everyone in his kingdom ought to be glad and prosperous. For this, he camouflaged himself as a common man and meandered in the city of Ujjain to know the state of his subjects. One night, Vikramaditya camouflaged himself and was proceeding onward the boulevards, when all of a sudden he heard the calls of a lady. He ended up on edge and chose to discover. Vikramaditya achieved the house from where the cries were radiating. It was the place of a Brahmin. The spouse of Brahmin was crying and saying. "You ought to have conversed with our lord and ought to have educated him regarding the issue." King Vikramaditya, Brahmin and the spouse of Brahmin "Is it accurate to say that you are frantic? We can't put our ruler's life in risk due to our satisfaction," chastened the Brahmin. Vikramaditya was stunned to hear the discussion of the Brahmin and his better half since he got himself the subject of the discussion. In the interim, the discussion between the couple ceased. Ruler Vikramaditya felt eager. He hung tight for quite a while yet he heard no more voices. At long last, he couldn't bear any longer and thumped at the entryway. The Brahmin opened the entryway. Vikramaditya uncovered his actual personality and stated, "A couple of minutes prior, I heard a discussion among you and your better half. I need to think about the issue in detail. What are you endeavoring to escape me?" The Brahmin began trembling with dread to see King Vikramaditya at his doorstep. He welcomed him in his home and remained before him with collapsed hands. "Try not to freeze," said the ruler, "I just need to comprehend what your better half was stating to you." The Brahmin couldn't set out to resist the requests of the lord. With collapsed hands, he stated, "We had hitched twelve years back, however are childless. My better half kept fasts, offered petitions yet nothing demonstrated gainful. At some point, my significant other envisioned that thirty miles east from here, in a thick timberland, a few sages are directing customs around a conciliatory flame.