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    The Story of the Fifth Doll

    Автор книги India Fables

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    Next morning, King Bhoja again wanted to sit on the one of a kind honored position. Be that as it may, as he went close to the royal position the fifth doll came before King Bhoja and began portraying another account of King Vikramaditya. "O King! My name is Leelavati. I have seen a preeminent case of Vikramaditya's liberality that you might not have even known about in your life. Tune in to this account of Vikramaditya and after that choose whether you are deserving of sitting on this royal position or not." At some point, King Vikramaditya was sitting with his subjects in his court and examining essential issues identified with Ujjain. Simply at that point, a Brahmin touched base there and introduced himself before the lord. At the point when the Brahmin was solicited the reason from going to the court, he stated, "Master! By calling, I am a stargazer. I have determined from the movements of your stars and planets, and presumed that on the off chance that you manufacture a royal residence at a propitious minute, you will be fortunate, effective and popular in each field. Goddess Lakshmi will live in your castle just as in your kingdom. Individuals of Ujjain will carry on a more joyful and progressively prosperous life." Brahmin presented himself before the King Vikramaditya Lord Vikramaditya stated, "I don't need anything for myself. God has given me enough, however on the off chance that the development of a royal residence can make my kin more joyful and increasingly prosperous, at that point I'll without a doubt do it." Lord Vikramaditya gave a few coins to the Brahmin and said thanks to him for his recommendation. The ruler at that point examined about building the royal residence with his pastors. They started to search for a suitable place4 to assemble the grand castle. Before long, they found a spot close to the banks of Shipra River. The best planners and stone workers were utilized to construct the castle. Before long, the royal residence was fabricated. There were around thirty columns and four major entryways in the castle. The entire royal residence was enlivened with pearls, valuable stones, gold, silver and precious stones. When King Vikramaditya went to see the castle, he was astonished to see such a radiant bit of work. With him a similar Brahmin was available, who had given the counsel to fabricate the castle. The brahmin was additionally astounded to see such an excellent and heavenly royal residence. He couldn't control himself and expressed. "Goodness! What a delightful royal residence is this! I wish this castle could be mine."