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    Legally Blonde

    Автор книги Amanda Brown

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    Elle Woods looked at the reflection of her sorority sisters Margot and Serena in the mirror. She was sitting on a pink chair decorated with pink faux fur that matched the blanket on her bed, where her Chihuahua, Underdog, was sitting. "Look at them!" Serena pointed to her chest. "My boobs are as great as the day I had them done!" "They are, they are," Margot said. "They're totally awesome." Margot's puffy lips were covered with a purple lip-gloss that matched her new Nike trainers. "They're also blocking the light in this room," Elle whispered to Underdog, who looked up. Both Underdog and Elle had heard Serena and Margot's discussion of boobs and other improvements many times before. Elle was not interested because her father, the popular Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Wyatt Woods, had done a lot of these things. Anyway, Elle had a more important thing to think about. "Have you guys totally forgotten? Tonight could be the night!" Elle shouted to get Serena's and Margot's attention. "I need to look perfect. I want everything to be right tonight!" "Of course I didn't forget," Serena said, turning to Elle. "I even have a Cosmo tip for you. I read that you can totally win someone if you copy their body language. The article said that Jennifer did that with Brad." "Warner has to propose to you tonight, Elle," Margot added. "Tonight is your third anniversary. Plus I checked your horoscope. It's your time to make important decisions." Elle looked at herself again in the mirror and decided she needed a bit more blush. She had long blonde hair and a very pretty face. Her huge blue eyes shone with kindness, and her slim figure fit perfectly into her new red dress. "In fact, Elle," Serena said. "Look what I have here!" She showed them a copy of In Style with J-Lo on the cover. "Oh my God!" Margot shrieked. "Not that one. Don't you know anything? J-Lo should have never appeared on that cover! There's an In Style Weddings curse. Like three of their cover brides got divorced!" "That's true," Elle said, "but that was totally sweet of you, Serena." The sorority house intercom suddenly interrupted them: "Warner's here, Elle." "Keep your fingers crossed!" Elle said to Serena and Margot as she checked her appearance again, still worried about the dress she had chosen. "Are you sure this is the right dress?" she asked her friends. "Maybe you should be wearing pink. It is your signature color?" Serena said. Elle was suddenly unsure of her choice. Would it be the dress she would want to tell her great-grandchildren about when she told them stories about the night Warner proposed? What if it looked stupid by then? "No, Elle, that's it," Margot said. "I'm positive! Red is the color of confidence." "Well, I don't want to look like I expect anything." Elle said, checking the diamond earrings Warner had given her for her birthday. They were in place.